USNF '77 ~ "The 'Nam" (F-4E)

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DCS: World 1.5
USNF '77 ~ "The 'Nam" (F-4E)

USNF '77 ~ "The 'Nam" (F-4E)

Type - Campaign
Author - bmezzflat9
Date - 24.06.2017 09:10
The year ~ 1977

Watergate never happened, Nixon is in his second term...and the Viet Nam war rages on.

You are Lt. Joey "MadDog" Francis --  a young, fresh out of flight school Naval Aviator.  Ready to make a name for yourself in the deadliest war in the world.

"Welcome to 'Nam, Nugget!  This damn war has been going on for over 10 years---but its day one for you.  I bet your looking forward to getting to your carrier group---but we are a bit "short staffed" today so your superiors have assigned you to us for the morning...lucky you.

The VC have been infiltrating into our AO far too regularly over the last month---its time to push them the hell back to where they came from!

Your going to do some ground pounding this morning to help get yourself acclimated to your new home---should be easy picking for a hot shot Naval pilot like you...lets get rolling!"

MODS and MODULES you need to play:

STARWAY - Green Thunder (Not required but it makes these mission WAY cooler!)

F-4 Phantom  (Flyable MOD)  ----  VSN_F4E   ---


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