USNF '88 ~ "Hidden Dragon" (F-14A Tomcat)

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DCS: World 1.5
USNF '88 ~ "Hidden Dragon" (F-14A Tomcat)

USNF '88 ~ "Hidden Dragon" (F-14A Tomcat)

Author - bmezzflat9
Date - 04.06.2017 06:34
The Nationalist Chinese Party has gained major ground against the Democratic movement and is again threatening our fleet.

International shipping has been suspended until hostilities can be subdued and it doesn't look like that will be happening any time soon.  We have moved out of range of close attack but bomber strikes from inland continue to pose a clear and present danger to our operations.

Therefore, a major strike against the enemy bomber base has been authorized.  This will require several situations to take place so that our attack can succeed.

The HMS Invincible has joined our fleet and the British will handle the SAM threat on the coastline.  You will need to provide escort so that they can take all the defense out.

Once the SAM sites are down you will rearm and fly a deep CAP to clear the skies so that our strike package can wipe out the base.

Its a tall order, but you are up to the job!

You will be escorting the Tornado flight in as they hit the SAM sites.  Once eliminated we will be able to move inland and attack the base.

We are aware that the NCP has Mig-31 long range interceptors as escorts for their bombers---our AIM-54's should be able to take them out at range---keep our SEAD strike safe.

Once the fighters are down and if there are no SAM threat---you will need to land and refuel/rearm---for the next phase of our attack.  

Good Luck!

You will need some Mods to play----

VSN F-14 (VSN_F14A)

VSN Tornado GR4

STARWAY - Green Thunder (Not required but it makes these mission WAY cooler!)

Fleet Oilers -

USS Spruance -

3Ship Arleigh Burke Class
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