USNF '88 ~ "Crouching Tiger" (F-14A Tomcat)

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DCS: World 1.5
USNF '88 ~ "Crouching Tiger" (F-14A Tomcat)

USNF '88 ~ "Crouching Tiger" (F-14A Tomcat)

Author - bmezzflat9
Date - 30.05.2017 01:25
The year ~ 1988

China is at war --- with China.

Set against a backdrop of rapid economic development and social changes in post-Mao China, The Chinese Democracy Movement has taken hold --- A full scale revolution has begun and the US will ultimately become involved due to security concerns both near and far.

At risk are the vital shipping lanes of the South China Sea, as well as our ties and interests in Taiwan.  The US has pledged to keep these assets safe and secure for all international shipping partners---which is becoming increasingly more difficult as the warring factions in China split and new authoritarian leaders impose their will.

At best, the US can hope to back a Democratic led and free society if the revolution is a worst the US might be entangled in a proxy war that it might never recover from.

History is waiting.

Things are getting pretty nasty on mainland China---however, that is not our priority at the moment.

We need to keep the shipping lanes safe and secure---which is becoming more difficult as the days go by.  You will fly a protective CAP over our International shipping lanes in an attempt to deter any interference from either side.

We are also aware that our presence causes increased tension in the area---a cost we have to pay to make sure that this conflict does not spill over.

We will keep you posted as your CAP progresses.  

Good Luck.

You will need some Mods to play----

VSN F-14 (VSN_F14A)

STARWAY - Green Thunder (Not required but it makes these mission WAY cooler!)

Fleet Oilers -

USS Spruance -
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