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DCS: World
Australian RAAF Mirage 2000C

Australian RAAF Mirage 2000C

Type - Skin
Author - Strut
Date - 24.07.2017 07:08
9 Skins based on real Australian Mirage IIIO(F) interceptors and the IIIO(A) ground attack variants. Australia also had Mirage IIID. I have done skins for  3 Sqn, 75 Sqn, 76 Sqn, 2 OCU ( Operational Conversion Unit) and 77 Sqn. Over the years the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) used variations of Sqn markings and camouflage patterns and colours.

Edited and fixed for DCS Update 4
Fixed Drop tank dds for  A3_66_77Sqn

For install, unzip the folder place skins in Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\Mods\aircraft\M-2000C\Liveries\M-2000C (for DCS world) or Eagle Dynamics\DCS World 2 OpenAlpha\Mods\aircraft\M-2000C\Liveries\M-2000(for DCS World 2).

Or load them into JSGME or OvGME
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