M2000C RAF Red Arrows 2016 (V6 for DCS 2.5.5)

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M2000C RAF Red Arrows 2016 (V6 for DCS 2.5.5)

Type - Skin
Uploaded by - Plastic
Date - 05/17/2017 00:12:17
All the Hawks have been grounded.   What a to do.  Luckily in the spirit of Entente Cordiale the generous Armee de l'Air have loaned the RAF Mirage 2000C's so the show can go on. 

Repainted in a high gloss livery the reds take to the skies to paint it red white and blue.

Updated textures tested and working in DCS 2.5.5 - 33552.

This skin is a fictional repaint of the Mirage 2000C in the colours of the RAF Red Arrows.  This skin includes textures for the plane, pilot, pylons and tanks.  There are PBR textures to give a high gloss finish.

I have sunk hours of work into this skin reducing the weathering (the reds don't fly dirty planes), creating the high gloss finish, lining up all the joins in the textures and adapting the current Red Arrows paint scheme to fit on a different aircraft.

I hope you enjoy the skin.

To install just extract all the files to their own folder in your saved games folder:
C:\Users\your name\Saved Games\DCS.openalpha\Liveries\M-2000C

For the pilot and chute PBR textures to work you will need my mod.

Thanks to Razbam for the aircraft, Frenchy for the template which started me off.

V2 Updated 18/6/17 to work with the deferred lighting in DCS 2.1 Neveda.  Changes made to Specular layers.  Also changed the pilot flight suit colour, the aircraft number colour from black to blue and removed secular layers for the bombs and missiles which are not implemented in the game.

V3 Updated 15/12/17.  Pilot and helmet textures replaced to fit new pilot model.  Patches added.  Tweaks to the specular model to reduce metallicyness for the paint and increase it for the navigation lights surrounds and flare dispensers.  3/2/18 tested and working in DCS 2.5.

V4 Updated 25/3/17.  PBR/Roughmet textures added to restore the gloss finish with deffered shading.  Pilot PBR textures added for both helmet and pilot. Pilot Parachute and drag-chute textures made more British. Testing and working in DCS 2.5 Update 5.

V5 Updated 21/7/19 Engine adjusted to be less black, pilot updated to new model. Tested and working in DCS 2.5.5 33552.

V6 Updated 29/7/19 Corrected texture on nose. Tested and working in DCS 2.5.5 33552.
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