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DCS: World 1.5
Beslan Airbase - WWII Style

Beslan Airbase - WWII Style

Type - Mod
Author - WineNB
Date - 15.05.2017 01:22
Beslan Airbase WWII Style Mod by Wine.

This mod allows you to transform Beslan Airbase into a WWII atmosphere airfield.

Plaese read the Read Me / Install info.
This mod is JSGME compatibel.

Enjoy !

Marston Mat (also known as pierced (or perforated) steel planking (PSP)), is standardized,
perforated steel matting material originally developed by the United States at the Waterways Experiment Station shortly before World War II,
primarily for the rapid construction of temporary runways and landing strips.
The nickname came fr om Marston, North Carolina adjacent to Camp Mackall airfield wh ere the material was first used.
PSP consisted of steel strips with punched lightening holes in it.
These holes were in rows, and a formation of U-shaped channels between the holes.
Hooks were formed along one long edge and slots along the other long edge so that adjacent mats could be connected.
The short edges were cut straight with no holes or hooks.
To achieve lengthwise interlocking, the mats were laid in a staggered pattern. ( Source Wikipedia )
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