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Operation Red Flag

Uploaded by - SW0RDF15H
Date - 05/14/2017 20:13:43
PvE CO-OP Mass-Multiplayer Training Mission. Maximise your combat readiness in this realistic advanced combat training exercise. Accurately reflects the Red Flag operation in the Nevada Test and Training Range, including the integration of simulated weapons systems

Red Flag is the international training exercise for air forces of allied countries where many of the world's best pilots meet for the most challenging flying of their careers. 'Operation Red Flag' has been designed to capture the very essence of this formidable event and includes 3 primary tasks which are allocated between 3 different sets of aircraft groups, allowing the player to choose the type of mission and aircraft they want to fly. There's something here for everyone.

Pick your preferred task from SEAD, GROUND ATTACK and FIGHTER SWEEP.

Drop in and out of this massively-multiplayer online mission as you please and hone your skills on the largest contigous air battle in the USA.

EDIT: Updated to v0.2.
- Corrected some F15C units and their 'immortal' status.
- Removed cloud settings. User can adjust these themselves in editor.
- Fixed a bug in simulated weapons script.
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