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DCS: World 1.5
Enemy Of My Enemy

Enemy Of My Enemy

Type - Campaign
Author - bmezzflat9
Date - 04.05.2017 12:36
North Korea DMZ

The North Korean regime has finally crossed the point of no return.  After decades of hand-holding and useless diplomacy by the Russians and Chinese, Dear Leader has began in earnest his attacks on the Southern Korean territories.  

In an unexpected move the Russian government has broken off ties with NK and aligned itself with the US forces.  It appears that the danger that NK presents is more than any one country should have to bear.  

Russian and US naval assets are closing in on the region and are ready to assist in the defense and eventual removal of any NK threat.  

The situation is tense.  The stakes very high.  And much is still unknown.

MODS and MODULES  you will need:

Chinese ships -- Handan, Plan, Kumming
US ships --  USS Spruance
US planes --  F117, B2
Russian fighter -- Pak Fa


I have made many missions--but this is my first attempt at a stand alone campaign.  I think I have all the files bundled up nicely---but not completely sure, so please leave feedback if I jacked something up.  

I thought this was a better idea than just posting 5 missions in a row like I usually do---lol!

A little bit of everything in this one---I play in VR and the CA mission is a bit of a pain in the ass---but I still had a good time with it.  Enjoy!
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