Friends In Low Places!

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DCS: World 2.0
Friends In Low Places!

Friends In Low Places!

Author - bmezzflat9
Date - 10.04.2017 08:24
1980  ~ Somewhere in the the Middle East

A long time "ally" has turned its back on the Fatherland---after years of supporting their military and brutal totalarian rule, the Emporer of "Jackistan" has declared himself to be a living God.

He has cut all diplomatic ties with the USSR and is holding political prisoners among other human rights violations.  The Kremlin has decided to take matters into its own hands---these provocative actions will not be tolerated and although it appears we will will have to face some of our own military assets to win this battle---we feel like we have the superior edge and will bring this ruthless dictator to his knees.

We still have some loyal allies in the desert---so we can use a few airbases to launch our missions from.

First we need to find out El Jacko's intentions---you will fly a CAP near the border and determine the severity of the threat.  We can then plan out further attacks deeper into the country and assign you accordingly.

One of the perks you enjoy as a USSR pilot is that we do not believe in defensive rules of engagement.  If the threat is real you are cleared HOT and free to engage any and all threats.  Further instructions to follow.
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