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Egyptian - Italian War ~ Dam Duty!

Egyptian - Italian War ~ Dam Duty!

Author - bmezzflat9
Date - 10.04.2017 07:39
Egypt 1956

A centuries old wound has been re-opened.

The Egyptian / Italian War has begun.  The Italians have left NATO and the U.N--- and are building factions and allies in Northern and Mideastern Africa.

Cairo is under threat---The Nile is the key to the war as it has been the lifeblood of Egypt for centuries.  Italy has captured territory in the south and are looking to make it all the way to the Capitol..  

Italians are sending flights up the Nile to test our air capacity--we also feel they might be preparing to make a strike on vital resources near Cairo---mainly our newest and most precious asset, The Dam El Cleopatra.

Fortunately for us---our Russian friends have sent us Mig-15 fighters to help repel this attack.  The Italians are thought to have NATO F-86 fighters and other western aircraft at their disposal despite the condemnation from most U.N nations.

Help to repel any attacks and end this incursion into our sacred lands.
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