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Author - bmezzflat9
Date - 05.04.2017 09:44
Its a nice lazy morning here at AREA 51---and you are putting one of our "acquired" Mig 29's through its paces at a nearby practice range here in the desert...until...

An emergency distress call has just come in from Tonopah Test Range---a group of fanatical militia members called "The Freedom Birds" made mostly of disgruntled ex-pilots and other far right religious members have hijacked a C-130 transport plane---along with the pilots and several members of the ground crew.

We expect they have about 10-15 hostages---and what is worse is the plane is loaded with weapon ordnance heading to Nellis on a supply run.  They have broken off contact with the tower but we think they might be heading for the Las Vegas strip!  We can NOT allow that plane to reach its target---you are the only aircraft in range with weapons loaded that can assist---

Take off and intercept the C-130.  This is a very sensitive issue and one of the pilots who is a hostage is the son of a prominent Senator---so we need to try and force that plane down without destroying it.

Along with your ground ordnance you have guns and AtoA missiles  Use discretion in how to take the plane down---but do NOT let it get near Las Vegas.

Good Luck...Comrade!
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