AFRIKA '44 ~ The Desert Rats!

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DCS: World 2.0
P-51D Mustang
AFRIKA '44 ~ The Desert Rats!

AFRIKA '44 ~ The Desert Rats!

Author - bmezzflat9
Date - 28.03.2017 01:20
The American's have finally arrived!   And not a day too soon---the Germans and Italians have taken our base at Groom Lake and we have been pushed back out of range from hitting the Axis main base.  We need to make up some ground and fast!

There is a small airfield just north west of here (Pahute Mesa Airstrip) The German Air Force has been using this base to intercept our air and ground re-supply forces.  We are going to use Airborne Rangers and capture that airfield!   You will provide escort and cover as our forces secure the location---then you will rearm and engage any ground units that might be in the area.  Let's get 'em boys!


The conflict in North Africa has dragged on for several years---Germany never opened up her second front of the war against the Russians---and a cautious truce still exists between the two countries.

The Axis instead turned its attention towards Africa and the Middle East.  The British held territories face great peril as the Germans and Italians make a solidified effort to rout our forces  

The Americans have been bogged down in the Pacific theater but are still able to provide British forces with some fighters and bombers to help our cause.  At this point we are happy to take whatever we can get.

You will need the mods:

markindel --

Tiger Tank
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