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DCS: World 2.5
A-10C Warthog
Operation Titan Angel

Operation Titan Angel

Author - EasyEB
Date - 03/27/2017 19:19:41
Welcome to Operation Titan Angel.

Your mission is to provide Close Air Support to Task Force Atlas consisting of Georgian armored units (Bravo and Charlie) accompanied by a group of US Air Force JTACs (Alpha)

To your help you have two Georgian Air Force SU-25s (Rusty) and one US Air Force MQ-9 Reaper available to provide fire and intel support.

At mission start Task Force Atlas will be standing by somewhere in the Georgian and Abkhazian regions of the map (use F10 menu to request their current position). When you are in range to provide air support - check in with Atlas at their current postion and they will move to and designate/engage enemy ground units in the area. Once a target is taken out, Atlas will advance on the next target in the area, or you may be given the location of another TF Atlas detachment to support. Note that not all targets are confirmed combatants. If a target is not an apparent threat of military type the ROE are to hold fire until the target units are confirmed hostile. If you do not follow the ROE or order any of the support units to fire on an target that is not confirmed hostile or military it will result in a mission fail.

Bravo and Charlie consists of Georgian armored units (BMP, T72). Embedded with the ground units is a US Air Force JTAC ready to designate targets. At mission start they will be standing by at different locations around Georgia and Abkhazia. Use the F10 menu to request their position, command them to advance, relocate, hold, designate targets, mark their own position with smoke and hold/open fire. When they are given the order to advance they will move towards the targets last known position. They can advance either on or off road, or in specified direction. They can report their own current position either via MGRS coordinates or by marking their position with colored smoke or flares. When the ground units are given the order to hold fire they will do so until they start taking fire, at which point they will defend themselves.<br /><br />

There are three air units on standby. A US Air Force MQ-9 Reaper that will move towards the target units position and orbit the target and designate units by threat prioritization. The Reaper is autonomous and will not often need orders, unless you want it to engage targets. It can either engage any target at will with a specific weapon, or it can be ordered to attack a specific target with a specific weapon. The Reaper can also report its current fuel and weapon status.
The two Georgian SU-25s standing by can be ordered to take off individually with either extra fuel or extra missiles. They always carry a full load of cannon rounds and four rocket pods, but you can choose wether they take off with two extra fuel tanks (increasing their range), or two or four missiles (increasing their firepower). Once airborne they can move to form up on your or each others wing to act as a wingman, or move to specified IPs around the map, or move to the targets current position. If the latter is selected they will move at mil power (arriving sooner, but burning more fuel - thus decreasing their range). Just like the Reaper they can either engage a target of their own choosing or a specific target with a specific weapon. They can also report their current position, fuel and weapon status.
Note that all air units will report when they have used up half their fuel, and they will automatically RTB when they are running low on fuel.<br /><br />

If any of the ground units or the Reaper has eyes on target you will be able to get intel on the targets current position, heading (if moving) and composition. If none of the ground units or the Reaper has eyes on the target no intel will be available. <br /><br />

Arco - Arco track / 295.4 MHz AM / TACAN 31Y

Shell - Shell track / 293.1 MHz AM / TACAN 52Y

Texaco - Texaco track / 291.9 MHz AM / TACAN 33Y
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