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DCS: World 1.5
A-10C Warthog
Operation Titan Angel

Operation Titan Angel

Author - EasyEB
Date - 23.04.2017 10:02
OPERATION TITAN ANGEL drops you in the seat of a US Air Force A-10C in a low intensity counter insurgency operation nicknamed TITAN ANGEL in the Caucasus region.

Coordinate with air and ground assets to locate and eliminate insurgent forces operating in the region.

Use F10 menu to request tasking in Georgia, Abkhazia and Russia. When a task has been assigned use F10 menu again to command air and ground units to advance, designate and attack enemy forces.

Depending on where your task is set you have the following assets available.

All over the skies friendly MQ-9 Reapers operate to locate and engage enemy units.

When a task is active the Reaper will orbit the target area and provide target designation and intel. The Reapers can be given commands to engage targets and you can choose which target they attack, and with which weapons. Each Reaper is carrying two GBU-12 and four AGM-114 Hellfire missiles.

KURSHA 1 and 2
Two Georgian Air Force SU-25Ts is on stand by to provide further air support.

Kursha 1 and 2 can be ordered to scramble and then given commands to move to certain IP's around the map and from there, just like the Reapers, can be given commands to engage specific targets with weapons of your choice. Both Kursha flights can start with an option of two air to ground missiles, extra fuel tanks, 80 air to ground rockets and of course it's cannon. Or they can start with four air to ground missiles, no extra fuel tanks 80 air to ground rockets and it's cannon.

Friendly ground units are standing by near the enemy target units. Alpha consist of US Army Strykers and Bravo of Georgian Army armored units ranging from BTR-80, BMP-2 and T-72B.

Alpha and Bravo can be given commands to advance directly towards the target, or advance using roads. They can also be given commands to hold/open fire and mark their own position with colored smoke so you can easily determine their position when the fighting starts.
Furthermore they can report their position and distance to target, so when you are moving to their location it is very useful to plug their position into the CDU so you can gain some situational awareness before you arrive. Their position relative to the target will vary so sometimes it is best to keep one of the groups waiting while the other group advance. Both Alpha and Bravo can also designate targets using laser/IR and smoke markers.

The enemy forces will vary from task to task. Sometimes it may be a low number of lightly armed and lightly armored targets, and other times it may be heavier armed and armored units. Utilize the target intel feature in the F10 menu to get as clear of a picture of what you are up against.

The skill of the opposition is, as many other things in this mission, completely random.

You are expected to have medium to advanced knowledge of how to operate the A-10C to get the richest experience of this mission. At a minimum you will need to be able to plug in and fly to MGRS coordinates, aswell as use the targeting pod to laser spot search.

You have alot of support with you in the sky and on the ground, so you will not be alone. Just remember to coordinate their attacks with your own to make maximum use of their capabilities.

Tankers Arco, flying a track off the Abkhazian and Russian coast line and Texaco trailing the Caucasus mountans in eastern Georgia are on stand by if you need to top of your fuel.
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