AFRIKA '44 ~ The Skorpion Sting!

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DCS: World 2.0
Bf 109 K-4 Kurfurst
AFRIKA '44 ~ The Skorpion Sting!

AFRIKA '44 ~ The Skorpion Sting!

Author - bmezzflat9
Date - 28.03.2017 02:18
You have been selected for a prestigious fighter squadron "The Skorpion's" --- it is the most elite air unit serving in Afrika---your enemy is well aware of its legacy and has seen fit to put its best pilots up against you as well!  

The Capitol is nearly surrounded and we are on the verge of taking the major city---our ground forces are moving through the desert at amazing pace.  A key bridge is located near our air base and we need to protect it at all costs to keep the supply route open.  We need you to fly a CAP and engage any enemy sorties that might be trying to take it out.  

The day is ours!  Good Luck!  


The conflict in North Africa has dragged on for several years---Germany never opened up her second front of the war against the Russians---and a cautious truce still exists between the two countries.

The Axis instead turned its attention towards Africa and the Middle East.  The British held territories face great peril as the Germans and Italians make a solidified effort to rout their forces.  

The Americans have been bogged down in the Pacific theater but are still able to provide British forces with some fighters and bombers.

Mods you will need:


FW 190 A5
Tiger Tank
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