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DCS: World 2.0
Bf 109 K-4 Kurfurst
AFRIKA '44 ~ Return Of The Fox!

AFRIKA '44 ~ Return Of The Fox!

Author - bmezzflat9
Date - 22.03.2017 05:06
The great Desert Fox has returned!  You will be assisting in a "blitz" today of a town that is being used as a staging area for future attacks against our main base.  This will be a fully coordinated assault using 190's attacking supply lines and He-111's hitting the town.  The Supreme Afrikan Kommander himself will be taking part in the attack.

You will be flying top cover today---we expect a counter-attack once we engage the enemy---their primary forward airbase is near and the British forces have been building for some time---be prepared to defend the skies against a desperate enemy!

Rommel is counting on all of us---for the Fatherland!


The conflict in North Africa has dragged on for several years---Germany never opened up her second front of the war against the Russians---and a cautious truce still exists between the two countries.

The Axis instead turned its attention towards Afirca and the MIddle East.  The British held territories face great peril as the Germans and Italians make a solidified effort to rout their forces  

The Americans have been bogged down in the Pacific theater but are still able to provide British forces with some fighters and bombers to help their cause.  

Mods you will need:

markindel WWII mods:

Volkswagen Kübelwagon
WWII Series - Panzer VI Tiger I

Bf-109 Trop skins are nice if you like them too!
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