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DCS: World 2.0
Spitfire LF Mk. IX
AFRIKA '44 ~ Lost In Translation!

AFRIKA '44 ~ Lost In Translation!

Author - bmezzflat9
Date - 15.03.2017 04:41
Before we can plan our major assault on the Italian airbase we need to get their radar and communications down.  You are going to do some escort work today.  Our flight of P51-D's will hit the targets designated---don't get hung up around that airbase---it is very active and the AAA is heavy (as we found out from a previous recon mission)

First you will make a sweep through the mountains and search out any patrols that might be in the area----then you will link up with the fighter/bombers and escort them in as they take out the primary targets.

God Speed, Lads!


The conflict in North Africa has dragged on for several years---Germany never opened up her second front of the war against the Russians---and a cautious truce still exists between the two countries.

The Axis instead turned its attention towards Africa and the Middle East.  The British held territories face great peril as the Germans and Italians make a solidified effort to rout our forces.  The Americans have been bogged down in the Pacific theater but are still able to provide British forces with some fighters and bombers to help our cause.  At this point we are happy to take whatever we can get.  

You will also need some Mods for this

markindel WWII mods:
Porcorosso86 109/190 mods:

WWII Series - Panzer VI Tiger I

BF-109 K-4 A.N.R. Asso di Bastoni (skin)
Fictional Fw-190 D-9 National Republican Air Force (skin)

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