Mirage 2000C 3/3 Ardennes , 30 Years of raid at Ouadi Doum (Chad)

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Mirage 2000C 3/3 Ardennes , 30 Years of raid at Ouadi Doum (Chad)

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Uploaded by - gabuzomeu
Date - 03/05/2017 20:18:03
Mirage 2000D livery commemorating the 30th Anniversary of the raid on Ouadi Doum

In February 1987, French Air Force launched a raid from Bangui against Libyan held airport in Ouadi Doum in northern Chad.
The raid was composed of 4 Mirage F1 (acting as bait for the SA-6 Flat Face radar) and 7 Jaguar equipped with AS37 Martel anti radar missiles.
The succesful destruction of the runway and the radars deterred any further air raid from Libya against Chad.
(more here: https://warisboring.com/in-1987-the-french-air-force-staged-a-daring-raid-on-libyan-defenses-4f8c6fa6f119#.i65dlpkef)

This livery , worn by a real 2000D, commemorates the event.
(see: https://theaviationist.com/2017/03/01/the-french-air-force-has-unveiled-a-new-mirage-2000-in-special-color-scheme-to-celebrate-the-30th-anniversary-of-the-ouadi-doum-raid/)
It is also available in a "Couteau Delta " Pack of 3 liveries used by the Mirage 2000D 3/3 Ardennes demo team in 2017  : https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/fr/files/2942680/

As usual, thanks to Frenchy for the template and Speckfire for the specular file.
NB: Specular files are deactivated due to difficulty with dynamic numbering, but can be reactivated in description.lua (remove the -- in front of the SPEC files lines)
Dynamic numbering is inhibited.
March 2017: updated file for new magic DDM
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