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DCS: World 1.5
NWO ~ Operation Feüerfox!

NWO ~ Operation Feüerfox!

Author - bmezzflat9
Date - 04.03.2017 08:25
The Germans have somehow managed to acquire classified Russian plans to a super fighter, they are calling it Codename: Feüerfox.

What is worse is that they have actually built it and are planning on deploying it after short flight trials later this week. We can't allow this to happen---but the plane is our design and we want it back---so you are going to STEAL it!.

You will fly with an attack group of Mig 21's---they will draw the enemy fighters out and away fr om the base where the fighter is---then you will break from formation and head to the base.  You will need to make sure there are no air threats near the plane so you can take off---then you will fly over the airfield and EJECT---you can then "enter" the Su-33 and head for Nalchik wh ere the fighter will be added to OUR arsenal.

Good Luck!

"New World Order"

The year is 1977.

World War II did not end in a total victory for the Allies.  

NATO never existed.

Germany was able to hold Russia at bay...but only just barely---The Allies were turned back at Normandy and only later once Russia became a dominant force in the East did the West make an alliance with Germany.

Tensions in the Eastern Block countries are at an all time high as satellite nations are torn between supporting their Russian liberators or joining the new factions in the West.

America does not want a full scale war with Russia---so it has refused to engage in Europe--however, it has been supplying arms and equipment to Germany which is locked in several proxy wars in the East.
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