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DCS: World 1.5
beta version story campaign MEMORY OF THE HERO

beta version story campaign MEMORY OF THE HERO

Type - Campaign
Author - forexkorr
Date - 25.02.2017 06:08
Here are some test missions from the story campaign, designed for two modes: КА-50, Mi-8 МТV. Missions are uploaded for review.

Memory of the Hero. What it may consist of? Runaway sketches or every little detail. Cold everyday life story or bright moments, full of fire and danger.

Luckily, Sergey Pavlovich Borisov has experienced both in his long career as a pilot. His memory is also pretty clear. And our story is about him! Jumping through hoops and keeping all the memories that make makes your blood run cold.
Being an honored sniper, helicopter pilot and a hero of the Soviet Union and Russia! There is no mistake! All those names and awards belong to one brave man. Research pilot, Colonel of Russian Air Forces Sergey Pavlovich Borisov.

We invite you to go through some life stories of our hero with difficult but interesting plot for DCS World.

"Memory of the Hero"

The campaign consists of more than 20 missions, which include:
- Pilotage of MI-8 in a large Siberian transport airline, which has opened a branch in the southern region of the country.
- Transporting shift workers and repairing crews to Divnomorskoe oil deposit, Gelendzhik area.
- Participation in international conflicts of Abkhaz-Georgian war in 1993, piloting a secret development baxe of Kamov development design office - Ka-50
- MI-8:  participation in intelligence activities undercover on Georgian territory before conflict in South Ossetia with the help of special FSS equipment with the direct support of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service.
- Performing tasks for Counter-terrorist operations in the South Caucasus Region and on the border with Georgia using KA-50.
- Rescue operations in the Black Sea using Mi-8
- Direct involvement into events of Russian recent history using your favorite Mi-8 MTV and SC-50.
- Participation in destruction operation of terrorist Shamil Basaev and his gang.
And soon.

The action is accompanied by a short storytelling.

Dear friends, the mission offered for your acquaintance with the campaign are selected randomly, and are not sequential with each other. Have a goodtime!

from Russia with love
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