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DCS: World 1.5
F-86F Sabre
Operation ~ V3!

Operation ~ V3!

Author - bmezzflat9
Date - 23.02.2017 08:32
The noose is closing around the Axis powers at long last---late 1945

Our intelligence reports that in a vicious and desperate act the Germans are preparing to deploy a new V3 chemical weapon.  We knew this could be a possibility and we must locate the base where these terror weapons are being spawned ASAP.

Due to the dire and serious nature of this revelation the top brass has authorized the use of a new prototype fighter that was thought not to be completed for another 5 years---and it also comes equipped with an experimental air to air missile.  The F86 is operational.  You and your Ace wingman Capt. Chuck Yeager are going to fly into the deadliest of deep bases to see if our intel is correct and this is where the rockets are located.

It is vital that you make a visual on the weapons--they will look similar to 4 radio towers but are actually launching rails for the deadly V3.  Once located the bombers will get the all clear to proceed and take them out!

You will need the B17 mod for this mission
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