Flight of The Süperjet ~ Kobra Me 662!

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P-51D Mustang
Flight of The Süperjet ~ Kobra Me 662!

Flight of The Süperjet ~ Kobra Me 662!

Author - bmezzflat9
Date - 31.01.2017 10:58
Spring 1948...

The war has dragged one for several years longer than expected.  The German resistance has been fierce but is finally showing signs of breaking --

However...It has long been rumored that the Germans had been developing a highly advanced and extremely capable Super Jet fighter, hidden behind the mountains ~ the Me 662---Its role is to take out our bombers at any range or altitude. We MUST wipe out that base!

They will be expecting any attack from high altitude so you and your group are to come in through the mountain valleys and hit that airfield before they can react---God willing none of those freak machines will get airborne before we get there!

Follow the lead group and cover their AAA suppression run so that the bombers, coming through the pass later can finish the job---your job is to provide escort *in case* any other threats show up ~

Good luck---you're going to need it!

You will need the B17 mod (and any skins you like)
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