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DCS: World 1.5
Fw 190 D-9 Dora
Deutschland über Verboten!

Deutschland über Verboten!

Author - bmezzflat9
Date - 18.03.2017 05:02
The war is not going well for the "Allies"  ~

Germany has gained territory in the East and the Normandy landing did not go near as successful as had been hoped.  In a desperate move the Americans have resumed daylight bombing again with deep strikes into the Fatherland.

A mountain Kommando group has spotted 3 groups of bombers making their retreat after a very "rough day at the office"

They have strayed off course over the mountains and fallen right into our lap!  They are low on fuel and expected to be low or out of ammo from previous battles.  Lets give these American bastards the proper German send-off as they head for home ~ Auf wiedersehen!!!

You are authorized to land, refuel and reload as often as you need to until the threat is neutralized.  Coastal defenses are at full capacity and an "Alte Kameraden" is in port visiting us this week!

Mods that you need are:

markindel has the ones I used.  

Bismarck (new version)
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