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DCS: World 1.5
Airmail Special!

Airmail Special!

Author - bmezzflat9
Date - 27.01.2017 11:45
The invasion continues ~

You are providing top cover in your Spitfire.  We have the elusive German Kriegsmarine cornered at last!  Her two most prized warships are trapped in port and our Allied fleet has arrived to finish them off---

Not only are we taking out their Navy---but paratroopers are dropping in to capture the airbase!

Expect heavy counterattacks from the air as we secure the location---German FW-190 fighter bombers are reported to be inbound from a nearby airbase---protect our paratroopers!

An earlier amphibious assault on Gelendzhik was successful and we expect to be able to provide a few extra fighters for you as well as rearming and refueling.  God speed lads and God Save the Queen!

Mods that you need are:

markindel has the ones I used.  

Bismarck (new version)
HMS Hood Battleship - New Version
Fletcher-class destroyer
RM Roma Battleship
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