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DCS: World 1.5
Sink The Bismarck!

Sink The Bismarck!

Author - bmezzflat9
Date - 25.01.2017 06:26
It is late in the war

In a strange tale of fate...

The Hood and The Bismarck never crossed paths at sea ~ The German supership retreated back into her lair---however our special forces units have been able to identify exactly which port she pulled into.  The Captian of the HMS Hood doesn't want to miss his chance and let her escape, he is going it alone with only one destoyer escort rather than wating for the fleet to arrive.

--- Its a bold mission and the RAF and USAF are pulling together to help in the task...but something is not quite right...Our spies have identified the Bismarck...but what is that...other...ship???

Get airborne ASAP!!!  The Hood is headed into a trap!!!!

Don't expect any help from those P51's once they drop their payload---everyone is scraping the bottom of their gas tanks to complete this mission---including you!  If you need to ditch try to make it to BLUE BULLSEYE and friendly forces will help get you back to base.  

Okay----your gonna need some mods for this puppy---but its worth it and then you have them!

markindel has the ones I used.  

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HMS Hood Battleship - New Version
WWII Series - Panzer VI Tiger I
Volkswagen Kübelwagen
Fletcher-class destroyer
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