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Operation Dark Matter

Uploaded by - FlightSimGuy
Date - 01/22/2017 16:45:19
Player 1 to fly A-10A to attack target convoy transporting high value payload.  Player 2 to provide air superiority coverage for A-10 along with AI F-15.  

Good evening Vulture Squadron.  While military strikes between us and the enemy have subsided in recent months, we must remain vigilant.  Recent intelligence from the resistance indicates our adversaries have torn up the laws of war, and are developing what we suspect is an illegal Metagenic weapon.  It will be some time before such a weapon is operational, or even ready for testing.  But we cannot allow the enemy to make any further developments of this device.

A key component of this weapon has been completed at our enemy’s research laboratory somewhere in the desert.  We have obtained a report indicating they will be transporting this device in a non-descript convoy starting at 18:00 pm EST on July 15, 2016.  The objective of your mission is to destroy the vehicle carrying this device while the convoy is enroute.

Upon crossing the neutral zone, the enemy will be alerted to our presence, and will probably launch fighters to intercept.  You must immediately locate and destroy the vehicle carrying the critical payload (that is the 2d truck of the convoy).  You will have approximately 20 mins to complete your objective once you’ve crossed the neutral zone.

We’re sending 2 F-15 fighters to provide backup in case things get sticky and it’s dark before you can attack the convoy.

We’re not sure if the convoy is protected by any surface to air weapons or infantry with small arms.  The enemy probably does not want to draw attention to their convoy; however, it’s probably too risky to transport such a high value payload without some sort of protective firepower.  Take the necessary precautions to avoid being shot down.

Your A-10 will be fully armed to support this assignment.  You are cleared weapons hot upon entry into the neutral zone.

Your F-15 backup will be armed with AA missiles only.

Once you’ve destroyed the primary target, RTB.  You may use any remaining ordinance to eliminate the other vehicles in the convoy.    

Try to accomplish your mission while there is still sunlight.  Spatial disorientation will only complicate matters if you try to execute the mission in darkness.

Good luck.  
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