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Operation File Sector Recovery

Uploaded by - FlightSimGuy
Date - 01/22/2017 16:38:36
Provide Search and Recovery for downed airman.  Then provide Close Air Support until rescue helicopter arrives.

Good evening Vulture Squadron.  It appears our adversaries up North leave nothing to chance.  As a backup plan to their evil Metagenic weapon, they are in the process of developing an aircraft mounted Death Ray to complement their diabolical schemes.

One of our undercover operatives within their Military Command structure was able to steal the hard disk containing the plans for the Death Ray, and was on his way out via aircraft when he crash landed in the neutral zone.  It appears his aircraft was sabotaged.  He’s okay and in good health, however, the enemy knows he went down, and they have his precise position and are currently enroute to intercept.  

Your primary objective is to find him before they do, and provide Close Air Support for his position until a rescue chopper can arrive to pick him up.  

Your flight plan is already programmed with waypoints in a search pattern.  Just fly low and search for his location VFR.  He will probably launch flares and a smoke signal once he spots you.

The rescue chopper is on alert and on standby just inside our border south of the neutral zone.  Once you’ve located him, they will immediately proceed to your position.

Once you’ve radioed his position to the rescue chopper, your secondary mission is to provide close air support for him.  Use all means necessary to keep the enemy away from the operative until he can be safely extracted.

Your Wing Man is Sir Geoffrey.  Both your A-10s are fully armed to support this mission.

Once you’ve received notification from the rescue chopper that the operative has been recovered, immediately RTB.

Good luck.  
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