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DCS: World 1.5


Author - bmezzflat9
Date - 12.02.2017 10:49
Classified Intel suggests that an attack on our carrier group is imminent!  However, we are not going to sit around and wait to get hit ~ We have sent in our best Naval pilots to pre-emp a first strike of our own!

MAVERICK and ICEMAN are running in hot taking out any opposition to our F18 strike package that will take out THEIR carrier first!

You and your wingman get to pull some naval ops, if and until any other threats should arise.  Stay close to the Tomcats---but not too close to steal their glory! ~  We also have reports that their carrier is thought to be wounded from a previous battle so her defenses might be down and we can send that menace to the bottom of the sea!

Remember your job is to hang tight and keep the coast clear from any inland threats.  If MAV and ICE have enough fuel and stores left they will return the favor and escort you and your wingman in.

If things get too hairy and you are required to assist--you should have time to refuel and rearm at Sukhumi.

Escort MAVERICK and ICEMAN -- protect your fleet from inland attacks
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