Mod/fix: NTTR beacons and kneeboard for Mig-21bis - DCS 2.0.5 prior update 4

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Mod/fix: NTTR beacons and kneeboard for Mig-21bis - DCS 2.0.5 prior update 4

Type - Mod
Uploaded by - Redglyph
Date - 01/21/2017 17:19:07
Mod with all NTTR beacons for RSBN and ARC navigation.
Includes a basic kneeboard with the beacon information.

**NOTE** included in DCS 2.0.5 update 4, no need to install this mod for versions and later :-)

Detailed description in the forums:

This version has been done for DCS, I don't expect many incompatibilities with future DCS versions, maybe just new beacons to add now and then.


The .lua file to replace is here, under your DCS installation directory:


As usual, keep a copy of the original file, at least to see what may have changed on each DCS update!

You can put the kneeboard pages in missions, or in your user files:

%USERPROFILE%\Saved Games\DCS.openalpha\Kneeboard\MIG-21bis\*.png


I kept the original RSBN stations and added the missing VORTAC/ILS/VOR DME beacons then sorted them by slices of 1° latitude, from N to S then W to E within each slice. This should be much more practical than the default order, since the MiG is supposed to land mainly at TTR and Groom Lake.

The only ARK stations kept were Mercury, Meggi, Colorado City, since others provide more information than just non-directional beacon (LNS/Magnitude 3 LLC policy). The previous ARK stations that were actually RSBN were removed. I left them on the kneeboard for their coordinates and to have a single sheet with all stations.

The R_NAV_data_Nevada.lua file should be part of the next MiG-21bis patch, so you shouldn't have to replace that file in the future.

- v02: added North Las Vegas, fixed position of TTR RSBN, fixed ARC of Mc Carran
- v03: fixed Nellis L/R which were swapped in the original file, many thanks to Accipiter for pointing that out!
- v04: removed ARK stations that were not NDBs, sorted all RSBN geographically.
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