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F-86F Sabre
Sink The Dong!

Sink The Dong!

Author - bmezzflat9
Date - 17.01.2017 10:00

The year is 1953

A powerful new weapon has been developed in North Korea ~ A super Aircraft Carrier, The DPRK Duk Dong! --however, she is not yet fully operational and was thought to be hidden from allied forces.  

The US has deployed a prototype weapon of its own---a Missile Destroyer!  But it must be protected---The North Koreans have acquired incredible technology from their Russian friends.  Bombers with "very advanced" weapons are spooling up to take our wunderweapon out before she can complete her mission.

Protect the USS Chowda  as she closes in and sinks the dreaded North Korean super ship!

This is a TWO PART mission.

After eliminating the bomber threat you are to turn and burn to Gelendzhik Air Field, which special forces was able to secure in a pre-dawn raid.  There you can rearm and refuel and assist in the protection of the USS Chowda from incoming threats from the sea.

Many lives were sacrificed in retrieving this secret location---don't let us down!

Link up with Springfield flight engage the bombers---then help protect the USS Chowda from sea threats.
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