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Blindsided (rev4)

Uploaded by - DragonShadow
Date - 01/15/2017 14:50:32
Blindsided : 4th revision by DragonShadow.

Co-operative mission supporting upto 19 players (2-6 recommended default, 3-12 on difficult).
Flyable aircraft: 3xKa-50, 4xA-10C, 3xSU-25T, 2xSU-25A, 3xSU-27, 2xUH-1H, 2xMi-8
Limited munitions (Warehouse).

Featuring optional CAS, CAP, CSAR operations.

"Scramble! and defend Batumi airdrome against a surprise attack by well armed insurgents. Then take the battle to them."

A three phased mission with varying types of tasks, plenty of detail and scripted events. Figure out the best way to use your finite but flexible resources to tackle the insurgent threat, co-operate with your forces in the air as well as on the ground to turn the battle around. Mission difficulty can be scaled depending on number of players or the challenge you wish to meet. Whether you want to devastate enemy convoys or get into a tight dogfight, you will not meet a passive enemy here. Official forum thread:
  • License: Freeware - Free version, License file included
  • Language: English
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