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A-10C Warthog
Route November

Route November

Author - EasyEB
Date - 15.01.2017 08:25
This mission is for Nevada.


Here is a pretty straight forward CAS mission for the A-10C.

Your mission is to provide close air support to a small ground element for the duration of it's mission. You will be able to give the ground element simple commands like stop, continue, mark targets and/or own position. The opposition is enemy medium and heavy armor that will differe in location, behaviour, type and number every time the mission is played. You will also have a Reaper UAV on standby to locate and designate targets.

US Army Special Operations unit Alpha 11 are conducting a search and destroy mission to locate and neutralize enemy 9A52 Smerch units suspected of carrying chemical weapons.
Sattelite recon has located three target sites where the Smerch units are parked, labeled SPEARS, GAGA and CYRUS.
Alpha 11 will advance along MSR NOVEMBER to the three sites and evaluate and destroy any weapons or weapon system that are containing or are capable of launching chemical weapons.

Your mission is to provide CAS for Alpha 11 during the operation. You are only to engage confirmed hostile or designated targets.

Recon flights reports ground activity in the form of infantry and light armored vehicles such as BTR-80 and BMP-3 and some heavy armor in the form of T-80 tanks patrolling sporadically. No surface to air threats.

WARNING do not engage any undesignated targets in the immediate vicinity of SPEARS, GAGA or CYRUS due to the possible risk of contamination.

Besides Alpha 11 a Reaper UAV callsign Pontiac is on station to provide further target recon and designation.

Takeoff from Nellis AFB and move to point CESAR to start the mission.

Access and command Alpha  and Pointiac via F10 menu.

MIST by Speed and Grimes
AGFT by Gromit190 and friends.

This mission also uses the nav points from the 476th vFG mission template.

Thanks to all of you for providing these great resources for me to play with.

1.2 - Indicaiton on mission start when player passes CESAR.
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