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F5 Normal/Abnormal/Emer Checklist

Type - Document
Uploaded by - tom_19d
Date - 01/14/2017 00:59:37
A checklist encompassing Normal, Abnormal, and Emergency procedures in the F5.

Thank you for your interest in my checklist.  Personally, I like to have paper in hand rather than using the in-game kneeboard option so as to have the use of my full screen, so this document is meant to be used on a physical medium. I made it to follow the flows I use in normal, abnormal, and emergency operations to help me get from the chocks to the fight and home as quickly as possible.  As such, it does not follow each and every step found in the USAF documents for the F5.

This is very much a beta release and has seen little in the way of testing by anyone other than myself; I welcome any feedback regarding typos or procedures that either do not work in the game or can be done using fewer steps.  However, as I said above, this is not meant to be a publication in line with real life documentation or procedures- I have no intent of changing something just because “this is how they do it in real life.”

The document itself is meant to be printed on 8.5x11” paper and trimmed to size.  Personally, I use 110 lb card stock.  It works best to sel ect “actual size” options when printing, rather than “fit” options, to make sure the tabs align vertically when printing front and back.  The back side of each page has guidelines in very light gray to help you cut out the pages and align the punch holes.  I’m sure many people in this community have numerous 11 hole binder rings and covers around fr om the various simulator training facilities- this checklist is designed to use such bindings.
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