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F-86F Sabre
Airfield Blitz!

Airfield Blitz!

Author - bmezzflat9
Date - 24.01.2017 02:54
This is my first uploaded mission and it is relatively straight forward ~

Protect the bombers as they descend on the airfield to hit vital C&C targets.  Lots of Mig's to deal with but you have the F86 with GAR missiles (they really do work if the Mig is on a straight shot for a bomber).  I have the difficulty set to wear it works for me but feel free to adjust to your taste---I'm old and I use VR so I am just having fun!

You will need the Tu-4 Mod by Stonehouse and you will probably want to use the B29 skins by CrazyEddie -- the bombers are able to handle themselves pretty well, but still try to keep them near ---  a few waves coming at different points so try not to get to distracted!

***  I really enjoy all the missions that people submit, and I know this is pretty simple compared to the most of them---but I appreciate the work that everyone puts into making missions for us to run.


Comments and critique welcome---thx.
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