TM Hotas Cougar profile for DCS Ka-50 Black Shark 2

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TM Hotas Cougar profile for DCS Ka-50 Black Shark 2

TM Hotas Cougar profile for DCS Ka-50 Black Shark 2

Author - Rudel-Chw
Date - 18.01.2017 12:53
ThrustMaster Hotas Cougar Profile for DCS World Ka-50 Black Shark 2

Profile tested with DCS World 1.5; driver Thrustmaster 2007_HCO_Vista_64_RC1; Foxy 4.2
Instructions for installing these softwares are here:

Cougar Mode:
After downloading the Profile into the Cougar memory, make sure that on the Cougar Control Panel the mode "Button & Axis emulation" is ON

Where to put the Files:
Put the four files of this Profile, on the folder  Program Files (x86)\HOTAS\Files.

Track IR
This Profile is designed to be used with TrackIR, but it uses Hat1 to select Snapviews

Rudder Pedals
Since I dont have Rudder pedals, I've designed this profile so that the ANT rotary can be assigned as Rudder, since it's easy to control using your thumb. Assign the Axis on Option-Controls within DCS.

Special Functions of this Profile:

1) The "Dog Fight" button is used as a Mode selector: "UP" = not used; "MIDDLE" = Navigation Mode; "DOWN" = Combat Mode; adjusting the function of Hats and Buttons according to the Mode selected.

2) Press simultaneously the buttons TG2, S3 and S4 of the Joystick, during half a second, to initiate the Eject sequence.

3) The Cougar has a dual contact trigger (TG1 y TG2), this Profile uses TG1 (light press) to fire missiles, bombs and gun pods, and TG2 (full press) to fire the internal cannon.

4) The throtle's Microstick is used to move the targeting cursor on the TV display (on Combat Mode). Since on some Cougars the Microstick doesn't work smoothly, it is also possible to move this cursor using Hat3 while on Combat mode. Use wichever works best. In Navigation mode, the microstick slews the ventral searchlight.

5) The Hat H1 is used to select between 8 snapviews.

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