Spitfire Deluxe Metric, MPH Pit & Light Pack v1.0.1

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Spitfire Deluxe Metric, MPH Pit & Light Pack v1.0.1

Type - Mod
Uploaded by - Quartermaster
Date - 01/01/2017 00:03:24
DCS Spitfire Beta 1.5.5 (EARLY ACCESS) Deluxe Cockpit Package


Fully marked-up civilian aircraft-like dash gauges, including IAS in KPH and MPH; bonus Nav Lights fix (substantially decreased brightness & spread)

v1.0.1 Released for use with DCS 1.5.5 Live, not compatible with 2.0.X

Drag & drop all three folders into your JSGME or similar mod manager mods folder.

NOTE: In DCS options -> Special, ensure your Spitfire cockpit livery is set to DEFAULT

Drag & drop the contents of each folder individutally into your root DCS folder, e.g. go into the Nav Lights folder, drag & drop its contents, then go to the cockpit mod, repeat.

Includes THREE discreet Modifications -

1. Nav Lights Fix: Spit's nav lights are, as usual, like everything else in DCS, adorned like a Christmas tree. I've dialed their alpha spread back a ton. Its still not quite life-like, but its a helluva lot closer than the original textures.

2. Deluxe Cockpit Imperial (MPH) and Metric (KPH) IAS Cockpits - All critical gauges have been marked up with max continuous (GREEN) Climb (PURPLE/BLUE) Takeoff (YELLOW) exercise extreme caution (ORANGE) and never exceed (RED) markups around each dial. In the case of pitch trim, GREEN = takeoff. Flaps lever has been colorized so it pops out a bit more readily in your periphery while flying.

IAS gauge has been marked up with safe flaps/gear (GREEN) typical full-internal fuel approach (YELLOW) and estimated full-internal weight touchdown (RED). Bear in mind, if you give a shit about flying like the real deal, in a taildragger, once you've lined up on final and are descending, your eyes are on the end of the runway (or the sides!) and if you're staring at your gauges you're either dead or doing it wrong. Get the aircraft on the yellow and feel it out; weather will always play a role in what your descent looks like, so will loadout, use your head. Fly the airplane; these color-bands are designed to be a peripheral aid, not a rule-of-law.

If there's one real life airplane the DCS Spitfire feels like, its a Piper Cub (on steroids) or some other simlarly kite-weight, low wing-loading aircraft.

Spits requires your constant attention and the original factory wartime Supermarine cockpit does not do you any favors in keeping your head up and eyes out the cockpit where they need to be - civilian-ized gauges like these should lend you a hand in staying on top of the Spit - it's a real handful.

As always I've been banned from the forums multiple times, if you need a hug or a cookie, email me at herrijam@gmail.com.

- Quartermaster
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