F-15C BFM & ACM Training - #2 Lead Turn Ex

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F-15C BFM & ACM Training - #2 Lead Turn Ex

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Date - 11/09/2016 22:38:46
The F-15C BFM & ACM Training exercises place you in the cockpit of the F-15C as a novice pilot during combat training in the Nevada Test and Training Ranges.

This is the ultimate way to practice BFM and ACM whilst keeping the scenario as realistic as possible and highly replayable.

Based on real world combat flight training, these missions will allow you to practice air combat using simulated weapons systems in a controlled environment, and will test your ability to identify and engage the enemy in close-quarter dogfights in a number of different setup scenarios.

With your own friendly team mates and instructors assuming the role of the enemy, you get to experience simulated combat as close to the real thing as possible. You choose when and how to start each engagement - repeat as many times as you like in a single exercise, thanks to the use of complex trigger actions.


Detailed briefing documentation
Custom voice-overs
Many complex triggers, allowing repeatable engagements within each mission
Learn and practice specific maneuvers, detailed within custom mission briefings
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