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A-10C Warthog
AFT01 - Air to Air Refueling Day

AFT01 - Air to Air Refueling Day

Author - Sabre-TLA
Date - 19.03.2016 12:44
AFT01 – Air to Air Refueling Day is the first mission of the Advanced Aircraft Training Qualification Course for the A/OA-10C.

Welcome Stud.  I'm Major Rick Tooth Callsign "Sabre" and will be your Flight Examiner (FE) for this Performance Objective.

This PO is AFT01 - Air to Air Refueling Day and is the first mission of the Advanced Aircraft Training Qualification Course for the A/OA-10C.

Your grading will be based on the following in accordance with the A/OA-10 Aircrew Evaluation Criteria: AFI11-2A-OA-10V2: General Criteria
The following general criteria apply during all phases of flight except as noted for specific events and instrument final approaches:

Qualified (Q): Altitude +/- 200 feet.  Airspeed +/- 5%, Course +/- 5 degrees / 3 NM (whichever is greater), TACAN Arc +/- 2 NM.

Qualified Minus (Q-): Altitude +/- 300 feet.  Airspeed +/- 10%, Course +/- 10 degrees / 5 NM (whichever is greater), TACAN Arc +/- 3 NM

Unqualified (U): Exceeded Q- limits.

3.2.16 Area 19 Air Refueling Air Refueling Rendezvous

Qualified(Q): Rendezvous effectively accomplished using proper procedures. Demonstrated effective use of radio communications. Used proper communication procedures for briefed Emission Control (EMCON) level.

Qualified Minus (Q-): Rendezvous delayed by improper techniques, procedures or radio communications.

Unqualified (U): Displayed lack of knowledge or familiarity with procedures to the extent that air refueling was or could have been jeopardized. Failed rendezvous as a result of improper
procedures. Gross overshoot, spent excessive time in trail or safety of flight jeopardized due to poor judgment. Air Refueling Procedures/ Techniques

Qualified (Q): Expeditiously established and maintained proper position. Used proper procedures. Aircraft control was positive.

Qualified Minus (Q-): Slow to recognize and apply needed corrections to establish and maintain proper position. Aircraft control was not always positive and smooth, but adequate. Accomplished
published/directed procedures with deviations or omissions that did not affect the successful completion of air refueling. Pilot performance was the cause of no more than one pilot-induced disconnect.

Unqualified (U): Erratic in the pre-contact/refueling position. Made deviations or omissions that affected flight safety and/or the successful completion of the air refueling. Used unacceptable procedures. Excessive time to hookup delayed mission accomplishment. Performance caused more than one pilot-induced disconnect and/or delayed mission accomplishment.

This PO will require you to perform multiple air to air refuelings.

We will be using RV Delta (Point Parallel) rendezvous procedure.

We will be operating within a defined Military Operations Area (MOA) and a defined Air to Air Refueling Area (AARA)  Do not stray outside the MOA or AARA without authorization.

The pattern altitude for landing is 2500'.

The Hard Deck Restriction is in effect at 5000'.  Do not violate this restriction unless it is terminated.

I'll be your wingman on this flight.

Get your checklist and let's get started!

Student - Colt 1 1
FE: Colt 1 2 Comms: 251.0Mhz AM
Tanker: Texaco 1 1 Comms: 150.0Mhz AM Tanker TACAN: 5X TKR
Kobuleti Tower: 133.0Mhz AM

Start-up:             WP 0 TOT: 06:45:00
Takeoff:              WP 1 TOT: 07:00:00
AARA Entry:      WP 2 TOT: 07:04:30
RVIP:                  WP 3 TOT: 07:08:00
RVCP:                WP 4 RVCT: 07:23:00
Turning Point      WP 5 TOT: 07:25:30
Turning Point:     WP 6 TOT: 07:28:30
Turning Point:     WP 7 TOT: 07:43:15
AARA Exit:        WP 8 TOT: 07:46:35
Landing:             WP 9 TOT: 07:55:00

Total Mission Time: ~70 mins

This is a ramp to ramp mission so configure your HOTAS accordingly.

Let's get started.

Includes practice mission to perfect your AAR technique before trying the qualification mission.

Includes printable A-10C Air to Air Refueling Checklist pdf in A5 format.
Includes printable Mission Data Card pdf in A5 format.

You will need to install a license and purchase a mission key to install these missions.  

This package is no longer for sale.

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