Luftwaffe Livery for the new MiG-29A model

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Luftwaffe Livery for the new MiG-29A model

Type - Skin
Uploaded by - Krasniye
Date - 09/03/2016 10:39:53
A german luftwaffe livery for the new MiG-29A model along with a mod to give the Germans the new model.

9/5/16 Hotfix: v1.1 I accidently used an older .lua for the zipped directory. It should be fixed now.

Copy pasted from the readme:
German MiG-29A mod and livery v1.0
This mod and livery's purpose are to make a mock MiG-29G using the new beautiful MiG-29A model
This livery was made from the ground up using origional textures and was done soley by me: Krasniye
The MiG-29A is not flyable by Germany by default and that is why the script mod is included here.
NOTE: The script mod will make you fail integrety check, however you can still use the livery for Russia
without the script mod and pass. This script mod will only work if you have never modified db_countries.lua
9/3/16 v1.0 Release version
+Added MiG-29A Luftwaffe Livery
+Added JSGME compatible mod to add MiG-29A to Germany

Put the folder called 'German Luftwaffe' here:
I recommend you do NOT do this with JSGME as it will never conflict with any updates or mods
Simply doing this will allow you to fly with this livery but only with Russia

If you wish to fly for Germany (Optional):
NOTE: Having this mod enabled will NOT pass integrety check.

Put '¶MiG-29A mod for Germany-Krasniye' in your JSGME or OvGME's mod folder
Enable the mod using JSGME or OvGME
Disable the mod using JSGME or OvGME in order to play on Integrety Check enabled servers


Add East German MiG-29A livery
Add Yugoslavian MiG-29A livery
Add Polish MiG-29A livery
  • License: Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution
  • Language: English
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