Outremer M-2000C [Under Reconstruction]

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DCS: World 1.5
Outremer M-2000C [Under Reconstruction]

Outremer M-2000C [Under Reconstruction]

Type - Campaign
Author - SFC Tako
Date - 13.07.2018 02:38
Ported and fully tested Outremer-campaign, suited for most pilots. This is adventure and oldschool heroics. It's set in the good old days when everybody smoked and men were men and women made really good food. And it's about pushing a hyper-modern fighter-bomber to the very limits as well. All this in a real bush war where you're outgunned, outnumbered and surrounded! OK OK, it's not a REAL war then, but you're gonna feel that way. Even in your sleep...BOOM!!!
DIFFICULTY: Medium (as compared to other module versions)

Yes yes, a port again. A PORT!
Once again, one of my worst best friends pushed me into doing it. And it was worth it! The Mirage-2000 is a VERY capable bird, once you learn the basics.
WARNING: Even though the Mirage-2000 has perfect handling and very good and precise weapons systems, this campaign is NOT suited for delicate people. Also, If you are a beginner some would say this is a bad idea for you. But I wouldn't say so, On the contrary I'd say this is a great way to get to know the bird. It's sort of a heavy handed introduction, a baptism of fire for you if you like. I have ONE tip for beginners trying to handle this bird in tight spaces:  "When in doubt - go full throttle". Yes, that has saved me many a time in those narrow valleys.

For ease of use and the right "vintage" feel, you will only be issued iron bombs and rockets in this campaign. The Mirage-2000 might have light bombs but you will have quite a few of them and you'll see that delivering them is not so hard :)
[Original Mirage skin made by "speckfire1", semi-pro'ed to oldschool french by me]

INSTRUCTIONS: Use winrar to unpack the file. You will then get further instructions inside the respective folders. And they're easy, you'll have this installed in no time.

-------------------------- TECHNICAL MUST READ-------------------------
Do NOT use time acceleration in this campaign, it will make the AI blind. You will just ruin the whole experience and if you think you're smart doing it, well guess what? The AI isn't just the enemy, it's friendlies too. So if you're a very busy pilot that can't spend 30-45 minutes per mission - walk away.
-------------------------- END OF TECHNICAL MUST READ-------------------------

Funny thing I discovered was that I can't transmit to Gudauta but I can still hear everything on the Gudauta-frequency (259).
The Sukhumi-frequency (258) works perfectly though. This has happened to me before (when porting!) and I've remedied it by chucking the VHF-folder inside the mission file...but not this time. Anyways, there's no need for radio communication. Initially, I sort of made this campaign not having much faith in the radio comms...and as it is today I still don't have much faith in radio comms ;)
--------------------------END OF RADIOS-----------------------------------------
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