"Arms Dealer" - a mission for the Gazelle L by tob.s

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SA342 Gazelle

"Arms Dealer" - a mission for the Gazelle L by tob.s

Uploaded by - tob.s0383
Date - 08/13/2016 14:25:17
Secret Service planned to interrupt an ongoing arms deal and arrest everyone, but has underestimated the enemy. As the mission is about to fail, inmediate air support was requested.

This is a single player mission for the SA342 L, made in DCS 1.54 open beta, Its mainly meant as entertaining way of weapon practiising, so its more about action than realism.

--- "Arms Dealer" by tob.s ---
--- first release ---

- fr om the briefing -

*Special forces are requesting inmediate air support*

Intel reported a currupt general is secretly selling weapons to an unknow arms dealer. The general managed to redirect a plane loaded full of weapons to a civilian airfield at Kutaisi, wh ere the weapons were loaded onto trucks which just leave the airfield.

Special forces were to fly in, interrupt the deal and arrest everyone involved, but at the last minute intel reported the enemy was able to acquire atleast one crate of portable Igla Sams.  To make things worse, the enemy was alerted and is now preparing to defend the airfield, the general used his connections to call in some armored units. Finally a hind attack helicopter just landed at the airfield - though intel expects it to only be the arms dealers getaway vehicle, stay alerted, as its armed with gunpods..

The status of the portable sams is unknown, so air units are to stay clear of the airfield until we got further information.

Luckily we got multiple hidden Agents surveying the area, so pay close attention to your radio.


this is my first ever upload - i made this mission because i like the Gazelle L & currently have connection troubles that keep me from flying online.
Theres no Farp for now, so unlimited ammo is recommended. The mission isnt finished but all objectives should work.

Forum thread - http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=2873362#post2873362
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