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Type - Mod
Author - Stonehouse
Date - 17.03.2019 10:43
A variant of DOL's B-29 that recreates the Tu-4. Skin by CrazyEddie (Again all credit for the B29 and this Tu4 goes to DOL )

A recreation of the Tu-4 by kind permission of DOL and CrazyEddie. DOL granted permission to me to alter his B29 mod and CrazyEddie allowed me to include his VVS skin for the aircraft and for the end result to be given to the community.

Please credit them if using this mod in a published mission.

DOL's Permission via PM:
Fr om :    DOL
To :    Stonehouse
Date :    2016-06-16 00:54
Title :    Re: B29/Tu4
[QUOTE=Stonehouse]Hi DOL,
Hope you are well. Someone has asked if I could change the lua for the B29 to make a Tu-4 variant of your mod. I said the B29 is yours and I would want to ask permission before doing so and posting it up.
Would you be ok with this as long as all credit for the Tu-4 went to you only?
Thanks and best regards,

That's OK.
Good luck.


CrazyEddie's Permission via PM:
Fr om :    crazyeddie
To :    Stonehouse
Date :    2016-07-06 17:37
Title :    Re: B29 Russian Tu4
[QUOTE=Stonehouse]Hi Eddie,
Finally getting around to the Tu4 now while waiting for Mario to get to the stage wh ere he needs me to work on the C47.
Generally it is going well although getting the custom 23 mm guns to work is turning out to be a pain.
Question for you however, are you ok with me including the Tu4 skin you did in the eventual bundle that gets released as long as it credits you for the skin in the main lua file and readme (if I do one) ?
The credit for the aircraft itself will go to DOL as that was my agreement with him in exchange for permission to clone his work. My name won't appear.[/QUOTE]

No problem at all Stonehouse, happy for you to use it in the bundle in any way you can.

  • License: Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute
  • Language: Any language
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Tags: Tu-4, Korean War
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