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Convoy Hunt!

Uploaded by - Facealmatter
Date - 07/19/2016 19:19:10
War has borken out! We need to move fast in order to clinch the victory! We need your help!

General Petinski adresses you, your co-pilot and technician in a dark briefing room:

"Good evening Gentlemen.

We are in a stalemate with the enemy. Our forces on the ground have been caught up in back and forths with the enemy around Otradnoe. This war must not go on any longer, so we have decided to take some action.

We sent scouts up into the hills to recon the surrounding villages we believe that the enemy has been using to stockpile weapons and fuel. Early this morning, one of our groups located some documents saying that a Convoy of atleast 4 IFVs 4 trucks and a linbacker will go down from grid FJ21 down to a nearby farp in the middle of FH19. The document revealed that is should take about an hour and is vital to the sucess of the enemy. If we destroy all or at least one of their trucks we could cripple the enemy. I think you know what I want you to do.

The starting point of the convoy is Bullseye and the end is pretty much in the middle of the grid FH19. I trust you can use your map and doppler system to get their and destory them. Also, on your maps you will see some useful waypoints to help you in your navigation.

You will have an update once they reach the middle of their route as we have scouts in the trees.

That is all. Good luck gentlemen."
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