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DCS World 2.7
SA342 Gazelle

Operation Hitchhiker - showdown with the Buk

Uploaded by - Don Rudi
Date - 06/25/2016 13:34:01
My third mission for the SA342M Gazelle will bring you into a showdown with the dreaded Buk air defence system.
You are tasked to cover a rescue mission for a downed Gazelle crew in the mountains near Elchotovo. Due to the low cloud cover the success of the rescue operation relies on you and your skills to disable the enemy Buk battery.
Mission contains custom R/T and briefing maps.

Welcome to my third mission for the Gazelle.
A fellow Gazelle did not return from a routine scouting mission and high command tasks you to locate the crash site and to cover the subsequent rescue operation.
Due to the low cloud cover, the Air Force cannot assist you, so it will be up to you to disable the enemy Buk battery. Listen to the advices of your co-pilot.
You can call in the SAR CH-47 whenever you think the situtaion is safe enough. There will be more threats than you can handle with your 4 HOT missiles, so assess the situtation and prioritize your targets wisely. A small armoured formation is on the way to assist from the ground.

Good knowledge of your NADIR is mandatory, as high command will transmit the coordinates of the crash site, when you are already in the air.  Low flying skills are essential, if you want do not want to be bait for the Buk missiles.

Good luck!
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