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A-10C Warthog
CAS Infinity Nevada – Joint Force

CAS Infinity Nevada – Joint Force

Author - EasyEB
Date - 09.01.2017 03:55
This mission started as a place for me to learn about scripting. It is based of Chrisofswedens amazing mission CAS Infinity Nevada. I have made a couple of additions to the mission by making the target group more dynamic by adding the ability for them to relocate, and I have also added allied ground units that will help find, engage and destroy the enemy units, if you choose to use them – and if you can keep them alive.

Use F10 menu to sel ect training scenarios.

Static hard targets marked by laser.

Static soft/medium targets marked by laser/smoke.

Static targets marked by smoke.
Attacks with bombs/rocket will get measured.
Use training munitions to avoid destroying targets.

Static medium/hard targets in cover marked by laser.

CAS Scenario - North West NTTR (Ranges 71, 74, 75, 76, TPECR, Pahute Bravo, EC South)
Active targets that may or may not move.
Support units at disposal via F10 menu:
Alpha: HMMWV JTAC. Can designate targets.
Bravo: LAV-25 team that can designate/engage targets.
Pontiac: Reaper that can designate targets.

All the ground units can be controlled via the F10 radio menu. They can be given different commands:

Advance – The selected group will move to wherever the enemy unit is when the order is given. Alpha and Bravo can laser designate the targets when close enough and has line of sight. Make sure to give the halt command when they start designating targets, so they do not not drive to close too soon. If the enemy units move, you will have to give the Advance order again. Make sure neither of the groups are driving into a firefight they can not win by thinning out the enemy heavily armed/armored enemy units.

Hold – The ground units will hold position.

Laser on/off - Ground units will designate targets with laser and/or red smoke.

Pop smoke - Ground units will mark their position with green smoke.

You also have some airborne support:
Pontiac – An MQ-9 Reaper that will locate and laser designate targets after the command is given.


-Alpha and Bravo
When a new task is generated, Alpha and Bravo will teleport to the enemy groups vicinity and await command.
If Alpha or Bravo are destroyed they will respawn and be available to the next task.

Pontiac will hold until given the command to move to the enemy group. When the command is given, they will follow the enemy group even if they move without needing to have the command given again. After the enemy group is destroyed Pontiac will move to its original holding position until given the command to recon again.

Pontiac will not respawn.

CAS Infinity, by Chrisofsweden
MIST by Speed and Grimes
CTLD by Ciribob

This mission also uses the nav points fr om the 476th vFG mission template.

Big thanks to all of you for providing these great resources for me to play with.
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