Kobuleti Sam clearing

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SA342 Gazelle

Kobuleti Sam clearing

Uploaded by - alaryk
Date - 05/30/2016 01:21:07
From 5h00 AM to 10 Am the intelligence report  that 8 KA 50 will be in Kobulety airport for maintenance operation.
The airport seems to be only protected by a few SAM.

However, the zone between Kobulety Senaki and Kutaisi is heavily defended. Only a stealth opération may have a chance of success.

Open the zone for a flight of 2 A10 .
You must destroy the SA3 track radar, and the 2  Strela guarding it.

Save one HOT 3 for an eventuel futher tasking.

waypoint 1: entering danger zone
Waypoint2: High AA activity
Waypoint 3: recommended shooting place

- Voice acting
- some Radom events
- listen carefully to your copilot if you want to make it !
- Low altitude flight required :)

Use F10 to call the A10 when prompted

(And sorry for my bad English)
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