MiG-21MFN 2500 Czech Air Force

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MiG-21MFN 2500 Czech Air Force

MiG-21MFN 2500 Czech Air Force

Type - Skin
Author - gumidekcz
Date - 05.10.2016 08:06
I’m proud to offer you my first livery for MiG-21.
This is my favorite camouflage of Czech Air Force on Mig-21MFN. It was made in October 2002 for the 45th anniversary of foundation of Čáslav (in English Chaaslaf) Air Force Base (AFB) situated around 70 kilometers east from Prague.

Serial number: 96002500
Made in Russia: 24.6.1975
9.slp Bechyne (1976-1993)
41.slt Caslav (1999-03)
211.ts Caslav (2003-05)
Sadly this machine retired in 28th of May 2005, then offered for purchase. Bought in the same year by a local scrapyard, teared in many parts and then transported to Germany to recycle.
So I took my energy and patience to recreate this machine at least virtually and see it flying once again. I spent 3 months studying pictures and trying to recreate as many textures as I can, not every time 100% successful, but  I guess now it is 80% exact copy.

I can say there are only few textures I left untouched, every other is custom tuned or brand new (nose cone, canopy sealing, landing gears, pylons, air brakes, fuselage, wings, wheel bay, 490l fuel tank, R-60, R-13, specular maps, normal maps and many more…)

There are some details which I’m not sure how it looked – photo documentation missing, so please apologize me for any imperfections of these parts and textures. If you want, don’t be shy and contact me with your corrections and I will try to fix it.

I decide to dedicate this livery to its pilot, who is no more among us (car accident) and also all ground crew who took care of this piece of machine.

You can find the plane for a few seconds short cut from movie “… a stoupej do slunce” (translation: … and climb to Sun) in time 4:20

I have to last wishes for end:
- If you know about any other video or good photo with this machine, please contact me, I will be very grateful.

Standard installation path: DCS World\CoreMods\aircraft\MiG-21BIS\Liveries\MiG-21Bis\

Standard loadout: 2x 490l droptanks and 2xR-60M or 2xR-13M.

Version: 1.0 first release

Thanks very much.
See you in virtual sky
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