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Mizedit 0.99 beta for DCS World (continued by uboats)

Mizedit 0.99 beta for DCS World (continued by uboats)

Type - Utility
Author - uboats
Date - 15.07.2018 09:15
Mizedit, which was originally developped by Berkoutskaia, is targeting at mission file localization and post modification.
By using this tool, you can edit mission title, description, red/blue briefings,
radio messages, as well as trigger messages and duration time*. Besides, you can export/import txt.
Also you can add/delete/switch locales* for different DCS languages, which is the structure of new all-in-one miz.

Mizedit 0.36 and previous versions only support mission files of DCS 1.2.x or older versions.
After contacting Berkoutskaia and obtaining the source code from Berkoutskaia,
I continue his work and make v0.4x and newer versions for DCS 1.5.x/2.0.x

In future, I will maintain this tool and add more features to this tool, such that it can be used not only for
translation purpose.

Hope you will like it as usual.

Finally, I express my sincere thanks to Berkoutskaia for his great work and contributions.

by uboats (ED forum)
April 18 2016

v0.99beta: support localization of transmit radio message
v0.98: improved batch txt export
v0.97: display audio length in message trigger
v0.96: add preset file name in "save" dialog, fix bug when delete a locale
v0.95: fix ignoring obsolete trigger msgs when not dlc miz
v0.94: reduce window GUI size
v0.93: fix missed modification in DEFAULT; change locale does not change trigger index (for easy compare)
v0.92: disable the change of duration time/clearview [not written changes into mission file until find final solution]
v0.91: critical fix - corrupted duration time update
v0.90: add statistics and support to edit dlc campaign miz_id
v0.87: add miz file check and improved message system
v0.86: add batch txt export
v0.85: resolve creating .miz file
v0.84: improve the solution of radio and zero-trig scan
v0.83: fix bug when loading radio entries
v0.82: add dlc miz audio file read/write
v0.81: fix a sound index bug
v0.80: show bound audio file for each trigger message

v0.74: fix for protected campaign miz
v0.73: add tot # of msg/radio/audio
v0.71: fix save pic bug
v0.70: add init solution for editing protected campaign miz files
v0.67: fix 'mission' file permission error when switch locales
v0.66: remove the name/type limitation of pic/audio file replacement, add config file
v0.65: fixed a format bug for unmatched bracket
v0.64: fixed key matching issue and add file status bar
v0.62: fixed duration time and cleanview box out of range bug
v0.61: fixed import/export txt format issue
v0.60: audio/pic replacement has no limitation now (if a LC uses resource from DEFAULT, now you can replace it for this LC only); fix bugs

v0.54: improved miz version check, remember last miz path, improved audio replace
v0.53: fixed LC change bug, fixed audio total time bug
v0.52: fixed a out of range bug
v0.51: add parser for a_mission_end trigger
v0.50: added audio play support

v0.49: fixed '\' code convert issue. changed editor display fonts. add audio tab for placeholder
v0.48: fixed many bugs, corrected pic replace function, add checkbox to enable/disable clearview for text
v0.45: now you can ignore the '\' at the end of each line (it will not appear in mizedit, and will be handled in the background)
          just use it like normal note editor; fixed many bugs
v0.43: redesign GUI, switching LC will auto-save prev LC modifcation, fixed bugs
v0.42.1: fixed a bug for msg and flag
v0.42: added duration time modification, fixed bugs
v0.41: fixed display and format issue in v0.4


1. Current v0.4x only supports new miz file, if you have old miz file, please re-save it in Mission Editor of DCS 1.5 or newer
2. Except batch export feature in v0.35, all others are available in v0.4
3. New features: can add/del locale
4. Support audio play

Available locale in DCS: EN, RU, CN, CS, DE, ES, FR, KO
  • License: Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute
  • Language: English
  • Size: 32.88 Mb
  • Downloaded: 5287
  • Comments: 8
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