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Yugoslavian AF Mi-8T

Type - Skin
Uploaded by - Beefdork
Date - 04/15/2016 15:30:29
Yugoslavian Air Force skin for Mi-8.

Skin for the Yugoslavian Air Force Mi-8T #405.

The Yugoslav Air Force bought 24 Mi-8T (Hip C) transport helicopters from May 1968 to May 1969 to equip two squadrons of the newly formed 119th transport regiment from Niš military airport, each squadron with 12 helicopters. Subsequently, from 1973 to the early 1980s, Yugoslavia purchased more Mi-8T helicopters to re-equip two squadrons of 111th regiment from Pleso military airport near Zagreb and the 790th squadron from Divulje military airport near Split, which was under the command of the Yugoslav Navy. In total, the Yugoslav Air Force received 92 Mi-8T transport helicopters from Soviet Union, known formally to the military as the HT-40, while local modification of several helicopters into electronic warfare variants produced the HT-40E. Some 40 helicopters were equipped for firefighting operations. (From Wikipedia).

Pack includes custom pilot patches and #405 skin.

For installation use JSGME mod enabler or copy the files manually to ...\Bazar\Liveries\mi-8mt\
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