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DCS: World 2.0
A-10C Warthog
A day at the range

A day at the range

Author - EasyEB
Date - 22.04.2016 10:56
I started fiddling with this mission to have something for a long night of flying, and I thought it turned out quite well so I figured I’d share it. It consists of a couple of different things to do, so you can play it for a short while or, as the name of the mission suggests, an entire day if you please. I made it for single player, but it should be even more fun for multiplayer co-op as well, though I have not tried it. It is for the A-10C only.

The things you have available so far is:

1. Target practice on strafe pits and bombing locations with scorekeeping.
The strafe pits and bombing locations on ranges 62B and 64B have scorekeeping, the strafe pits will count hits and the bombing targets (containers) will note how far from the target you hit.

2. Target practice on static targets marked by smoke and laser by JTAC.
Ranges 62A and 64A have JTACs marking hard and soft static targets that will respawn after all targets have been destroyed. The JTACs can be activated via the F10 radio menu if you overfly them. This is to not keep the F10 radio menu cluttered during long flights.

3. Random tasking/missions.
Via the F10 radio menu you can select “Request tasking”. This will pick one of currently seven different tasks consisting of varying CAS and CSAR missions with live BLUFOR and OPFOR. Many of the tasks have random elemets, so they will play out a little differently every time you play them.
Most of these missions take place in the north western region of the NTTR.

This mission is made to depict a slower paced tactical play, so if you use the random tasking function it may require you to fly for ten or fifteen minutes to get to a location, and once you are there it might involve some loitering time.

- To get the Strafe Pits and Bombing Targets to count your bombing and gunnery result, you have to first enter the mission as observer, press F2 or F7 to observe any unit for about 10 seconds, until the “Ready” message is shown. Then press escape and go to Choose Airplane Slot.

- This mission uses the 467th vFGs Range Objects, download them at: http://www.476vfightergroup.com/downloads.php?do=file&id=287

- The Request Tasking function might not give you a task after you have completed a couple of them, if so, hit the Request Tasking until you get a new task.
This is because each task only can be activated once, and if it randomly selects an already activated result, silence ensues.

I highly recommend you turn of allied flight reports, as they might spoil parts of some tasks.


Speed and Grimes for their amazing MIST.

Ciribob for his hard work on the JTAC function in the CTLD script and his Simple Range Script.

Stuka for his 476th vFG NTTR mission template, this mission uses many of (but not all) parts of that mission.

The 476th vFG for their Range objects.

Thank you all for sharing your hard work with the community for us to use.


Bugs, errors, questions and suggestions
Please let me know if you encounter any weird things or bugs. I’m also happy to get any input or questions you might have.
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