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DCS: World 1.5

TvT Operation Domination V15

Author - Panthir
Date - 04/02/2016 17:14:43
A typical Team versus Team mission (maximum 20 vs 20)
Many thanks to the following script authors:
Grimes and Speed for Mist
Ciribob for CTLD
and Alternative CSAR script
and Steggles for EWRS

Available Forces:
Each Team has:
     1.    Two (2) neighbouring Airbases with one (1) Bunker per base, a FARP aprroximately 15nm away and three (3) Main Warehouses.
     2.    16 x F-15C
     3.    16 x SU-27 or Mig-29S
     4.    16 x A-10C
     5.    16 x SU-25T
     6.    12 x M-2000C or Mig-21bis
7.    8 x KA-50
8.    One CRC [EWR 55G6] and 6 x CP 9S80M1 SBORKA already deployed SBORKA EW Vehicles
9.    4 x SA-8 Units (one in each AFB and two near friendly FARP)
10.    8 x SA-13 Units (two in each AFB and four near friendly FARP)
11.    10 x SILKHAs (four in each AFB and two near friendly FARP)
12.    8 x Groups of four Tanks (Blue team M1A1s and Avenger - Red Team T-90s and Strela) , all located near friendly FARP and 1 x Group on each Airbase.
13.    4 X MANPAD Units (Command Post and 2 Launchers).
14.    12 X UH-1 or Mi-8MTV2 in Transport ROLE.
15.    12 X ZU-23 Emplacements on each of the two Airbases.
16.    One already deployed JTAC UNIT



Each team has limited weapons, assets and client slots. Limited A2A and SEAD weapons are provided by friendly bunkers. Though if they are destroyed weapons will be not available through rearming. Specifically:
    -Only 8 MPU-25 ANTI-RADAR Missiles.
    -Only 50 AIM-120B and 50 AIM-120C.
    -Only 50 R27ER, 50 R27ET and 50 R77
-Only 100 KH-29T A2G Missiles
    -No CBU 87,-97, -103, -105

Maximum Airborne Assets per Team
    4 x F-15 Slots or Su-27 or Mig-29S
    4 x A-10C Slots
    4 x Su-25T Slots
    2 x M-2000C Slots
    2 x Mig-21bis Slots
    4 x KA-50 Slots
    4 x UH-1 or Mi-8MTV2

Maximum Additional Ground Units created via F10 – CTLD menu
    10x JTAC units
    Unlimited SBORKA EW units
    Teams will have to assign a Leader, who will be responsible for keeping ROE and counting points.
    TvT will last only for two and a half hours. By the end of that time, both leaders will deal with final result through the Tacview file. The final result will have to be announced in TAW forum NLT 2 days after the end of the battle. Assets not landed by the end of the time will be considered as lost in action.
    A non player but team-centric point system will be followed for the destroyed assets – installations.
    Each Team CAN have airborne at the same time a maximum of 4 DCA A/Cs (F-15C or/and Su-27 or/and Mig-29S via versa), 4 KA-50s and 4 x UH-1 or Mi-8MTV2 client  slots. Though, teams can maintain 4 GAI assets ready to take off as replacements.
    There is no maximum slot limitation for Strikers, M-2000C or Mig-21bis.
    All assets will have to rearm - refuel or repair right after landing. A slot change can be made then, as long as all players are permitted to fly all assets. Once an A/C – HELO cannot be repaired it will be considered as lost in action.
    Available M-2000Cs or Mig-21bis can perform all roles without any restriction.
    FARP will be considered being permanently out of service when all four installations are destroyed (Amo, Depo, Tent and Command Post): 1000 points. In this case, the team will have to use ONLY two KA-50s and two UH-1 or Mi-8MTV2 slot located at the Airbase.
    When a bunker is destroyed the Airbase will be considered as non operational for DCA A/Cs. If any DCA A/C from this base is still airborn, then it will have to operate (rearm-refuel-repair) from the remaining base until is down. Helo's and Striker A/C's operation will not be affected. When both base's bunkers are destroyed, team will not be able to launch any DCA A/C than the remaining M-2000C Slots. For each destroyed Bunker opposite team will get 2000 points.Once the unique CRC is destroyed the team will get 1500 points.
    Once a Warehouse is destroyed the team will get 500 points.
    For every lost A/C, team will loose 100 points.
    For every lost HELO team will loose 150 points.
    For every lost vehicle team will loose 25 points.
    Each lost asset will be deducted by the remaining A/Cs – HELOs forces.
    All vehicles can be moved but the already deployed EWR 55G6 , SBORKAs and MANPADS.
    There is no usage restriction for the available Combined Arms' slots.
    Each Team can take the benefit of EWRS and CTLD script through F10 menu. Activate, EWRS group message on and you will get critical GCI picture regarding enemy A/C position. EWRS uses the active friendly EWR units to built RAP. by Eliminate any blind radar sector and improve friendly RAP by deploying SBORKAs in poor radar-covered areas. Create, load, transport them with the available UH-1 or Mi-8MTV2 slots, drop and unpack Sborka EW units to critical hill tops. Do the same to cover critical ground passages by deploying JTAC units in order to intercept any enemy ground forces movement.
    Each Team can rescue downed pilots, as long as, CSAR script is active as well. For every rescued Pilot team will get 1000 points.

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